Whether you cook or not, one thing is certain – you appreciate a clean, well-stocked kitchen. It may be hard to appreciate a clean kitchen if you don’t cook but keeping a clean kitchen can affect the rest of your house. After all, you certainly don’t want rodents and ants cleaning up after your mess.

But what if you don’t know where to start? Instead of blindly wiping countertops and mopping floors, it’s good to make sure you have some pointers. If that’s you, you’ve come to the right place.

Perhaps you’re just looking for some tips to take your kitchen cleanliness to the next level. Whatever the case, keep reading to find out how you should be cleaning appliances in your kitchen.

Cleaning Appliances: What You Need To Know

1. Microwave

You’ve probably come across a gunky microwave in your time. Microwaves are prime spots to look out for when cleaning since they can be so easy to forget about. That is until you open it up to use it and wish you had cleaned the nasty, dried-up pea-soup stain.

An easy way to clean up your microwave is to fill a microwave-safe container with water and to microwave it until the water boils. Let the water sit for a bit so the steam settles into the gunk. This should make your cleaning a whole lot easier.

2. Fridge

Get a friend or family member for this one, cause it can be quite heavy. Dirt, dust, and who-knows-what can get trapped behind the big guy.

Start off by sweeping and mopping whatever you see back there. Next, make sure you vacuum the coils behind the fridge. This will ensure your fridge is not only clean but also running in optimal condition (which can save a few bucks).

A simple disinfectant can do the trick for fingerprint-infested stainless-steel fridge door if that’s what you are looking for. Following up with a polisher is optional but will keep the steel looking like new.

3. Dishwasher

As in the case of the microwave, this is also an appliance that’s easy to overlook. You may think that it cleans itself every time you run it. However, gunk can get stuck in the bottom of the drain as can residue on the gaskets around the door.

Stay away from chemicals for the actual disinfecting. White vinegar should do the trick when running the machine on empty. Just fill a bowl with the vinegar and let the dishwasher run for an entire, empty cycle.

4. Oven

This is perhaps least fun of the appliances to clean. Make no mistake, however, because the oven needs a good clean too. For the oven, you will want to let it run its own self-clean option.

However, you will want to do some scrubbing on the stovetop. Baked-on gunk should come off with a commercial oven cleaner or baking soda.

5. Toaster

Make sure to unplug and shake your toaster upside-down to get stray crumbs and food out. If there’s a crumb-catcher, then make sure to wash that as well.

6. Water Heater

You’ll want to tackle the mineral deposits by pouring a solution of two-thirds water and one-third vinegar into your kettle and letting the solution boil. Rinse out the kettle and boil more vinegar if needed.

You Got It!

Cleaning appliances doesn’t have to be hard. As you long as you keep these tips in mind you’ll be well on your way.

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