Did you know that cleaning can relieve stress? So it’s no wonder that the biggest cleaning time of the year is right when the depression of winter subsides: spring!

Fresh air and sunshine outside makes us want to declutter, dust, and make room for new things in our lives.

Using the right equipment, proper organization methods, and getting help from professionals when needed makes tidying up your home a rewarding experience.

Plus, it only comes once a year, so why not tackle those hard to reach chores for a fresh start?

Be sure you get the most out of your intense cleaning with these spring cleaning tips.

1. Start with the Right Tools

That old mop that’s been sitting in your garage all year does not motivate you to clean the floors. A fresh, easy-to-use tool can do wonders for your spring cleaning morale.

Old tools are not the only problem when it comes to these spring cleaning hacks. Using the right tool for the job plays a big part in efficiency.

Cleaning solutions and materials differ depending on the type of surface in your home. Make sure that you protect and save time by buying specific products for each task.

2. Organize with These Spring Cleaning Tips

Jumping from room to room and project to project will get you nowhere except frustrated.

Make a to-do list that strategizes your goals in a reasonable way. Don’t try to do hours worth of cleaning in one day; break up your large tasks into several days or weekends.

While you clean, organize and throw away simultaneously. For example, as you clean a bookcase, rearrange items and toss or recycle others.

3. Move Your Furniture

Throughout the year, large items like furniture remain in the same place. Move these objects away from walls and off the floor to get where you haven’t cleaned in a year.

You can also use this opportunity to rearrange furniture to give the room a spring fresh look.

4. Think Outside the Box

Spring cleaning ideas go beyond your normal cleaning routine, so think more than vacuuming.

Your blinds, curtains, couch covers, appliances, and fans could use a wash and a dusting. Scan the room to see what hasn’t been touched.

Make a list of these spring cleaning tips and tricks for next year.

5. Prepare for the Season

The best spring cleaning activity happens when you can put away sweaters, boots, and bulky winter items.

They take up space and remind us of the frigid, snowy winter. Welcome spring by bringing out the shorts, tank tops, sandals, and even the gardening supplies.

6. Ask for Professional Help

Sometimes you just do not have the time to do it all yourself, or a task is too messy for you to handle alone.

It’s time to call in the house cleaning professionals when you can’t get the job done yourself, or you want the luxury of spring cleaning without the work.

Most Importantly: Have Fun

Even if you hate to clean, these spring cleaning tips only happen once a year, so make the best of it.

Think of the final result of a fresh clean home.

But, if you need help or want to take the dirty work off your hands, contact us for a professional home cleaning.