apartment cleaning service

There’s no place like home.

But let’s be honest…your apartment can be a bit of a pig sty.

No one wants to live in a messy place, but sometimes, there’s nothing you can do. You work too hard to come home and keep working just to tidy up.

It’s much easier to just ignore it and live in filth. What else are you going to do? Pay someone?

Hiring an apartment cleaning service might seem like the height of luxury. But it’s much more affordable than you might think.

How Does An Apartment Cleaning Service Charge?

Most cleaning services set their rates one of two ways: per hour or per square foot.

Generally, when you first call a cleaning service, they will offer a per-square-foot price. This gives them an idea of how long it takes them to clean your apartment and how messy you keep it.

After getting to know your place a bit better, they may change over to an hourly rate.

You might notice a significant difference in prices here. Let’s take a look.

First Clean vs. Subsequent Cleanings

The first time a cleaning service comes into your apartment, it’s a pig sty. There’s a thin sticky layer all over the kitchen counter. Dishes overflow from the sink. And don’t make me mention the bathroom.

It’s the kind of mess only a miracle worker can fix. And it’s going to take some time.

But after that first cleaning, your cleaning service likely won’t have to deal with that level of mess again. That first clean is like a disaster zone cleanup. The rest is regular maintenance. It costs less because there’s less work.

Average Cleaning Service Rates

The actual dollar amount of a cleaning service is dependent on a number of factors.

This all depends on how frequently they clean your apartment, whether you hire a professional company or private individuals, and how many people clean your home at a time.

But according to data collected by Care.com, the average housekeeping service costs $160 every two weeks, with a typical range of $115 to $227. If you’re living with roommates, splitting that cost can bring tons of value for a small fee.

If that’s not still outside of your budget, some individuals report spending as little as $60 biweekly.

Time vs. Money

When most people consider using a cleaning service, they might think that they can’t afford to pay that much money.

But that question misses a pretty big consideration: what could you do with that time?

The average American spends six hours per week cleaning their house. That’s almost an entire workday each week.

Think of what you could do with that time if it was freed up. You could spend time with your loved ones, spend more time on your hobbies…maybe even finish that book you’ve been working on.

Would you rather have an average of $80 per week, or would you rather have six free hours?

Time to Come Clean

Having a maid might feel like the realm of the ultra-rich, but it’s surprisingly affordable to hire an apartment cleaning service.

If you live in the Houston area, we’d love to help take that burden off your shoulders. Contact us to get a quote, and say goodbye to dirty living.