Choosing from all the housekeeping companies out there can be pretty scary. Not only are you inviting one or more strangers into your home, but you’re also encouraging them to rummage around when you’re not there. 

To ensure you, your family and all your belongings remain safe, ask as many questions as you can think of to make sure you and your cleaner are on the same page about everything. Don’t be shy when it comes to home safety.

Here are 10 questions to ask a housekeeper before you hire a cleaning service.

1. Who are the employees?

The last thing you want is an ex-criminal rummaging through your valuables. Ask companies to provide proof of background checks before hiring a house cleaner. You may have to perform one yourself if hiring an independent cleaner. 

2. How are employees trained?

For consistent, quality service, you’ll want a company that regularly trains their employees. 

3. How is the company insured?

Don’t get stuck with a broken family heirloom and an injured housekeeper looking to sue. Make sure the housekeeping companies you consider are bonded, insured, and provide their employee’s with workman’s comp. 

4. How long have they been in business?

The longer housekeeping companies keep their doors open, the better their service. A below average cleaning service loses about 55% of its business each year due to customer dissatisfaction. Newer companies or companies with all new employees may be more likely to deliver poor service.

5. Who provides the cleaning supplies and equipment?

You never know how much product someone uses to clean. Providing the supplies yourself could end up costing you hundreds more per year. But, if you prefer environmentally friendly cleaning supplies or are unsatisfied with their equipment, you may consider providing your own.

6. What tasks are included and how are rates calculated?

You (and your budget) may decide to hire cleaning service for less frequent tasks like dusting ceiling fans and scrubbing floorboards. Get a documented list of tasks included in the service you select and set limits on hourly service to better suit your budget. 

7. How will your cleaner gain access to the house? 

Make sure you and your cleaner are comfortable with and completely understand how the housekeeping company will get into the house. Whether it’s a key under the mat or a hand-off in person.

8. How do they accommodate homes with pets?

It’s best to secure your pet before leaving on the day the housekeeper comes by. You might want to introduce your pet to them beforehand and ask if they charge an additional fee.

9. Will they provide a written agreement form?

Just to make sure everything is clear and legit, get a written agreement of the service details.

10. How do they compare to other housekeeping companies?

When researching housekeeping companies, compare their customer reviews and quality assurance policies. What policy do they have in place if you aren’t satisfied with their service?

Hiring a Cleaning Lady You Can Trust

You want only the best housekeeping companies to clean your home, so hire cleaning service that’s stood the test of time. 

The HomeKeepers have been cleaning house since 1994. They must be doing something right! Check out their FAQ here and watch your questions and concerns vanish like dust into a vacuum.