Did you know that a dirty bathroom can lead to mold, gastrointestinal viruses, infections, and even strep throat? It’s true, and that’s why it’s so important to deep clean your bathroom areas regularly.

You can make your job easier by learning a few cleaning tips to clean your bathrooms quickly and effectively.

Here are the top five bathroom cleaning tips.

1. Keep Your Rags Separate

When cleaning your house, you’ll need to invest in microfiber cloths and cleaning rags.

You’ll want to try your best to avoid spreading germs from your bathroom to other areas of your home and vice versa.

Always separate your cleaning cloths and products for the bathrooms from the other house rags. This will help avoid any potential cross-contamination.

You can always ditch the cloths altogether and opt for single use disinfecting wipes to reduce bacteria transference.

2. Use Shower Steam

You can use the steam from a hot shower to help clean your bathroom surfaces like the tiles and the walls.

Start by cleaning your bathroom using an all-purpose cleaner. Use the all-purpose cleaner to thoroughly spray down any countertops, walls of the shower and bathroom, shower tiles, floor tiles, and even the ceiling.

Before you go to wipe down the surfaces with the spray, turn your shower on hot. This will create steam which will mix with the all-purpose cleaner to intensify the clean.

You’ll now take a fresh rag or microfiber cloth to wipe down all the surfaces working your way from the up on the ceiling down to the floor.

3. Taking Care of Your Grout is One of the Important Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Maintaining clean grout in your bathroom tiles can be difficult, but it’s worth it so that you can help keep away bacteria and other germs.

Sealing the grout is an excellent way to combat all the dirt and bacteria that builds up in the porous grout material. Try to seal the grout around every six months or so.

If you’re going in for a deep clean, try dipping a scrub brush in bleach or a bleach mixture then treating dark spots on the grout. Get good air flow through the bathroom when doing this.

4. White Vinegar on the Shower Head

White vinegar is great at helping clean up around the bathroom. This common household product can even be one way to clean out all that gunk that accumulates around your shower head.

You’ll need to pour the white vinegar into a bag and tie it around the shower head. You can either use a resealable bag with a rubber band to hold it on or a shopping bag from the grocery store and tie the ends together. 

After soaking in the liquid overnight, you can take off the bag and turn on your shower. The water will help rinse and clean the shower head.

5. Clean Toilets with Baking Soda

Baking soda can help clean your toilets.

Measure out a cup of baking soda from your kitchen pantry. Next, you’ll need to pour it into your toilet bowl and let it get cleaning for a couple of minutes.

Scrub the toilet, flush, and you’re done!

Squeaky Clean!

These helpful bathroom cleaning tips will have you starting and finishing your bathrooms in no time. That way, it makes the task a little more bearable.

If cleaning bathrooms still isn’t for you, consider hiring a service to help!

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