Want to clean your hardwood floors the right way?

Hardwood floors are a beautiful addition to any home, but they do take special care and maintenance in order to keep their finish and stay looking fresh.

Installing hardwood in your home is an investment but the reward is that it should last for at least 25 years

If you’re going to spend the money on this type of flooring, don’t let simple cleaning mistakes cause your floors to look dull or damaged. We’ve listed the best way to clean wood floors. 

Read on to learn more! 

Vacuum & Sweep

Debris should be kept off your wood floors because they can scratch the surface or begin to dull it over time. 

Sweep or vacuum your floors every few days. If you’re planning to sweep, be sure to use a hardwood broom that won’t scratch the surface with rough bristles. 

If you plan to vacuum, make sure to either remove the brush roll or see if your vacuum has a hardwood floor setting. This will make sure the brush roll doesn’t scratch the floors and simply uses the suction of the vacuum to clean. 

Be cautious of plastic wheels on your vacuum as well as they can do damage to your floors. If you’re buying a new vacuum specifically for these floors, opt for one with rubber wheels instead. 


Mop your floors about once a week. They should be mopped after you’ve vacuumed or swept. 

Try to use a gentle detergent to mix with warm water and be sure to wring out the mop so it’s damp and not soaking wet before placing it on the wood floors. Do not allow any water to puddle or build up on the surface as this will result in water damage to the area.

You can opt to use a hardwood floor cleaner mixed into your water as long as your floors are sealed. If they aren’t, you should make a mixture of plant-based or organic liquid soap combined with white vinegar and warm water. 

About 1/8 of a cup should be used of each ingredient for every gallon of water you add it to. 


No matter how well you maintain your floors, damage, scratching and dulling are inevitable if they’re in high traffic areas of your home. 

Every few months, or when you notice some damage has accumulated, you can take your cleaning a step further to bring your floors back to their original state. 

You can use a liquid scratch concealer to cover up any scratches. Just be sure to match the wood appropriately. 

You can also gently sand your floor and then apply a fresh coat of finish to make the stain match and bring back its luster. 

Floor polish and floor wax are great options but should only be applied occasionally and need to go in the same direction as the wood grain in order to appear correct. 

Try These Steps for the Best Way to Clean Wood Floors 

With the steps above, you can determine the best way to clean wood floors and keep them in great shape for years to come. 

Remember, wood floors need to be cleaned with caution, always working to maintain or bring back their original appearance. So don’t go overboard with harsh chemicals or treatments that can do more damage than good. 

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