The dust you can’t see is often the hardest to reach. Dust and dust mites can cause allergic reactions and possibly lead to asthma. Those who clean their house regularly could still be at risk, due to dust sitting out of sight.

The corners of the room, the tops of cabinets, the fridge, or picture frames are a few examples. Knowing how to clean these places effectively will greatly improve your home’s health and appearance. Use this guide on how to clean high ceilings and take back your home from dust bunnies.

Tools of the Trade

Before you attempt to tackle the hard-to-reach areas with dust, make sure you’re using a good duster. It’s best to get disposable synthetic dusters over feather ones. Feather dusters don’t have the same clinging power and can push dust around.

Microfiber cloth pads are also great for covering large surfaces. If you invest in a nice telescopic pole set and a ladder, you can reach any nook or cranny.

How to Clean High Ceilings and Moldings

Step one for cleaning high ceilings is to focus on one section at a time. You want to reduce the amount of overlapping as possible. Take your ladder and sit it five feet away from each wall in the corner. 

Work your way around the walls, keeping a steady pattern of wiping and cleaning off your duster/microfiber pad as you go. We also recommend wearing a dust mask for high ceilings. Dust that gets dislodged can fill the room and cause a lot of dry eyes and itchy noses.

The most effective way to remove all dust from ceilings is to stay on a strict schedule. You should do a deep clean every two weeks, a little less frequently than other common rooms.

Cabinets and Tall Shelf Surfaces 

In some ways, high ceilings are easier to clean than cabinets. Dust can quickly collect on the flat surfaces and dark corners above the cabinets. If you don’t have a small ladder, you should buy a dusting rod with an angled brush. 

Go over the surface with a dry duster, then follow up with a wet pad. This will prevent dust from collecting in the far corners. 

Indoor Plants and Fixtures

When it comes to tall objects in the home that aren’t flat on top, you will need to get creative. Indoor plants have their own challenges, being flimsy/oddly shaped. If the plant is small enough, put it in the shower and rinse it off every month.

If it is too large for that, you’ll have to wipe it down with a microfiber cloth. For tall fixtures or plants, try to lay them flat to avoid having to stretch to reach the top.

Get Regular Cleanings

Knowing how to clean high ceilings is one thing, but sticking to a regular schedule isn’t always easy. We all live busy lives and keeping the house clean at eye-level is hard enough. For those who can’t do a complete, deep cleaning every month, it’s worth investing in a reliable house cleaning service.

They’re more affordable than you think, plus you can’t put a price tag on your health. Find out how much time you can save by getting a free quote today.