When you think of dirty places in your home, your mind probably drifts to your bathroom or kitchen. But what about your furry friend?

Studies show that your pet’s food bowl is one of the dirtiest places in a home. Pets, especially dogs, bring in the dirt, germs, and bacteria from outside your home.

If you have some dogs that live in your home, you know it can be difficult to keep your house clean. Here’s how to keep a house clean with dogs.

Tend to Your Pets First

When trying to create a clean house with dogs, start with a clean dog. 

Regular baths and professional groomings cut back on the germs inside your home. If your dog has longer fur, the groomer can trim the fur around the paws, leading to less dirt and mud tracked inside your home. 

Consider creating a quick cleaning station near the door where your dog accesses the outside. When you let them in, wipe your dog’s feet with a damp towel and catch any mud before it meets your carpet. 

Also, get in the habit of brushing your pet regularly. A good, daily brushing reduces the amount of shedding

Purchase a Quality Vacuum 

No matter how much time you spent brushing your pet, pet dander and fur will end up in your carpets. To keep your home clean and your family healthy, invest in a quality vacuum cleaner. 

Purchase a vacuum cleaner created to target pet hair. Stay away from vacuum cleaners that don’t mention pets as they won’t get the job done right. Then, get in the habit of vacuuming regularly to keep up with the fur. 

You can use lint rollers or squeegees to remove fur from your furniture too!  

Make sure to use carpet or furniture deodorizer to get rid of any lingering pet odors. 

Call in the Professionals 

If your dogs making a mess regularly, it’s hard to play catch up. It’s a good idea to get a fresh, clean start with the help of a professional home cleaning service

A professional cleaning company can remove existing pet odor and dander from your home. They have the right tools and products to get the job done effectively.

If you like the work they do, consider scheduling a professional cleaning regularly. The best part is that they can tackle more than just your pet problem and leave you with a spotless home! 

Beyond How to Keep a House Clean with Dogs

Now that you know how to keep a house clean with dogs, it’s time to keep your home clean all the time. 

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